Speaker at International Conference and Expo on Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology Conference  2022 - Kathirvelu Baskar
Department of Ecotoxicology, Ross Lifescience Ltd.- OECD-GLP, India
Title : Growth Inhibitory Effect of Potassium dichromate with different pH on alga, Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata


In the present study, different concentration of potassium dichromate was studied with different pH viz., 6, 7, 8 & 9 in Bold basal medium on alga, Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata. The study met all the validity criteria. Maximum algal biomass of 163 times was recorded in pH 6 followed by pH 7 (116.82 times). The minimum biomass of 63.61 times was recorded at pH 8. The interesting result was found in average specific growth rate, at 0.26 mg/L concentration of potassium dichromate was NOEC for pH 6 & 7, while, NOEC for pH 9 was 0.64 mg/L concentration followed by pH 8 exhibited 1.6 mg/L concentration. The maximum growth inhibition of 111.53% was recorded at 10 mg/L concentration of pH 6 followed by 76.57% at 10 mg/L concentration of pH 8 and least inhibition of 33.90% was recorded in pH 7. The maximum yield inhibition of 100.22% was recorded at 10 mg/L concentration of pH 6 and least yield inhibition of 80.41% was recorded in pH 7. Based on the ErC50 (2.89 mg/L) and EyC (0.48 mg/L). Potassium dichromate was more toxic towards alga on pH 6 against algal yield and growth inhibition respectively. Conclusion: In the present study, toxicity of potassium dichromate was found to be dependent on the pH of basal medium. Potassium dichromate in alga medium at pH 6 was found to be highly toxic to alga and exhibit least toxic at 8 pH.  


Dr. Kathirvelu Baskar has completed his Ph.D. in Entomology-Zoology under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Dr. S. Ignacimuthu S.J (Director, Xavier Research Foundation, St. Xavier’s College, Palayamkottai, India) from the University of Madras. He has specialized in the field of entomology and Ecotoxicology. He is having 18 years of research and 6 months of teaching experience. He has published more than 96 research papers  (Scopus and SCI Journals) in the field of entomology and ecotoxicology. He has served as a regulatory ecotoxicologist in different organizations in India. He is currently working as Head of Ecotoxicology, at Ross Lifescience Ltd. Pune, Maharashtra, India. He is also serving as editor and reviewer in a few international journals.