Speaker at International Conference and Expo on Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology Conference  2022 - Roshan Kumar
Dev Bhoomi institute of Pharmacy , India
Title : Bergenin Bioactive Ingredient And Its Anti-H. Pylori Elements Have Historically Used As An Anti-Ulcer Prescription.


To develop new anti-inflammatory bioactives with improved efficacy and minimal side effects, researchers can learn from ulcerative colitis, an idiopathic inflammation of the colon, which is characterised by inflammation. Ten percent of the world's population is afflicted by ulcers, which have a variety of etiologies. Numerous systems of traditional and folk medicine use Bergenin and its congeners on a regular basis.  Antiviral, antihepatotoxic, and antiulcer properties are all of a mild to moderate strength. The substantial scavenging effect of BER on DPPH (2,2-diphenyl-2-picryl hydrazyl free radical) has been documented in the literature. Lipid peroxidation is also prevented. Phospholipid complexes, prolonged release core tablets, prodrugs, herbal gels, polyherbal ointments and nanoparticles are some of the novel delivery carriers of this bioactive molecule that have been developed in the last few years in an effort to exploit its full potential. The anti-H. pylori activity and probable mechanism of anti-ulcer characteristics of Leaves are described in this study. This review also gives a detailed understanding of its bioactivities, as well as the methods of action. There is also an in-depth discussion of BER  chemistry and pharmacokinetics. This review   thorough documentation may thus open up new directions for Ulcer research.


Roshan Kumar born in Patna , Bihar India on 15 Dec 1997. He did his B.Pharm from S.BS College of Pharmacy, Patti, Punjab, India and he is Persuing Master of Pharmacy ( Pharmacology ) from Dev Bhoomi Institute of Pharmacy and Research, Dehradun. He is State President NFPS. He is also Life Member of various Society IPA, IAO,ISPOR. He has Received various National & International Awards from different Associations ,organizations, " BEST STUDENT UG AWARD 2019" by National forum of Pharmacy Student in Association with SBS Group . "STUDENT LEADERSHIP AWARD 2019 " by Himachal College of Pharmacy.  “BIHAR HEOR BEST AWARD on 8th August 2020 event is organised by NFPS Central Branch.  He is also received “EMERGING HEALTH CARE BEST BOY AWARD 2020” He has also received “EMERGING SCIENTIST AWARD 2021” International Scientist Conference for Awards Winners 2021 Tamilnadu India organized by VD Good Technology factory. He has also received “YOUNG RESEARCHER AWARD 2021” by MISER Institute. He has Published 30+ Research/ Review/ Case study in peer reviewed journals (PubMed, Scopus, Web of science),  Such as JCRR, BJMS,TJPR,NVEO,JMPAS,JPRI,BEPLS. He is Editorial Board / Reviewer Member for 16+ International & National Peer Reviewed Journals, Kumar is also Bentham Science Ambassador. He contributed 12 chapter  as co-author book.  He has Published Book As Per Pharmacy Council India Syllabus Clinical Research Essentials of Drug Development &Clinical Trials. Medical Writing (From Proposal to implementation), Coronomics (Vol-1 & 2) Enviroment Education and Disaster Management. His Research Interest are ; Novel Drug delivery system, Clinical Practice Study, Tropical Neglected disease, Policy research, Epidemiology and Genomics etc.